Amir K. Goharshady

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Mathematics

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

CYT 3006, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong 

Email: goharshady@[,]

Profiles: dblp, google scholar, linkedin, orcid 

I am an Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematics at HKUST, where I am fortunate to lead the ALPACAS research group, consisting of an amazing team of talented young researchers. I am a theoretical computer scientist and interested in the broad areas of programming languages and formal verification. 

My research has won various awards and been supported by generous grants and fellowships, both academic and industrial, from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC), Kaisa, IBM, Facebook, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

My educational background is, unsurprisingly, at the intersection of Mathematics and Computer Science. I did my PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria under the excellent supervision of Krishnendu Chatterjee. I also have an MSc in Computer Science (Systems) from Georgia Tech and did my undergraduate studies in Math and Computing at the Universities of London and Yazd. I study English common law part-time as a hobby.